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(re: re: Kings Quest 4 AGI etc..) I guess the term “strategy guide” is less likely to make you think you are “asking for help” where as “hint book” you are flat out saying – “I can’t figure it out”.
I remember buying my first hint book – I’ve only bought two for personal use – KQ1 and Gold Rush. I played KQ1 for YEARS on my PCjr and could never figure out where the magic mirror was. something like 3 years later when I bought the hint book- found out that my suspicions about the WELL were correct.. Yes I had typed every combination possible to try to dive down in the water in the well – I knew there had to be something to the well since they went to all the trouble to let you go down in it and explore around and stuff. I tried commands like :
Dive in water
Dive to bottom
Dive in well
Hold breath, dive
What did the hint book say to do? It said to type :
It was simple as that… I think my parser must have been broken or something.. cause certainly at some point I MUST have typed that.. but maybe not .. oh well. I find it humorous looking back on things.