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While you just covered PC games of Legend, I remember how the old Atari/Mattel/Coleco/Nintendo/Sega games also had posters, slip covers, little magazines/comics and all these deluxe extras. Today, but a game, there’s your disc and manual, if you’re lucky! This goes for PC, too!

I like to open Microsoft products, they still back in the extras, as does Apple and Adobe, but those aren’t games, and I have to do either work or college work on these products.

Excitement was opening a new Sierra game and ignoring the advice to make a back-up set of disks, installing the game and going through everything, only to either realize I need an upgrade or something.

To keep the cost of games same for the consumer today, companies have taken out all of the extras (not all games, not all companies) and have given us the “bare bones” of a product. I paid $59.99 (and tax) for Enter the Matrix on DVD-ROM, only to have it comes with a cheapo manual, and the disc in a paper sleeve that sratches the disc when I get the game out! Yeah, I bought a console version, but still, I’m out $110!

I never paid more than $39.99 for a PC game, except Diablo II (the big, huge box edition with the Diablo movie inside) and was always enjoying the games until about gour years ago.

If I ever start a game company, I’d do the big box, fun game, goodies and such to give my gamers every dollar worth!