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Ultima 7 (all 5 games and Underworld series) brought the house down at CompUSA when I was a teen. I have the original Ultima 7, and it came with lots of goodies, and, since I had a 486 (besides the Tandy) it had Windows compatibility, which allowed me to sneak games in while working on Word for homework.

I remember the Ultima 9 box was huge. I didn’t get one, because EB Games recalled them back to EA for some reason, and refunded my money. Strange.

The one company today that believes what we believe in gaming is Working Designs. They packed Lunar with a cloth map, and a nice little book. Arc the Lad came with analog covers and other nice stuff (misplaced most of it).

I remember buying SQ1 VGA for my Tandy, and for some reason it was a rare 360 KB floppy version, which was spread over what seemed like 10,000 floppies! (More like 10, but when I was a kid . . . )

Today I cruise thrift stores and buy the “big, huge” older games. Okay, so most don’t run well under XP, but who cares! It’s all the groovy stuff that’s inside. And that’s so strange is all of these old PC games have everything is good condition. I wonder where Savers and Goodwill are getting these.

I’ve found, in perfect order: Laura Bow 2, King’s Quest 4, 5, 6 (all in different boxes no the ones with gold letters), Leisure Suit Larry 2, Space Quest 3, Command & Conquer (and it had a strange Windows NT/Mac OS sticker on it, and works on both perfectly), The 7th Guest, Half-Life Plantinum (still in its plastic wrap), and Dragon’s Lair 1, 2, 3, 4, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM (which doesn’t work in a DVD-ROM). I know I’ve found more, like many PC versions of NES Konami games and Capcom games, but they’re too many too much.