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(re: Sierra shut down) It isn’t a matter of whether or not Ken and Roberta “care” about Sierra. I don’t mean to sound insulting to anybody, but a lot of posters here don’t seem to realize what position “Sierra” (including games, licenses, characters, etc.) is in and what relation Ken and Roberta have to it. 
Sierra has been assimilated into the machine of a corporate conglomerate. A cohesive whole was broken down into smaller parts and sucked into the beast called Vivendi Universal. The ironic aspect of this was the beast digested the property, the characters, the licences, etc. but spit out the most vital component – THE PEOPLE! 
If Ken Williams wanted to restart Sierra, he could. It wouldn’t be called Sierra, and you would never see another Leisure Suit Larry or King’s Quest game under his name, but if he wanted to he could rehire the people – Al Lowe, Scott Murphy, etc. – and put their creative talent back to work creating new characters and franchises. 
Now, here is the downer – Ken doesn’t have an interest in doing that. He and Roberta have already built one Sierra and, while they might have been interested in stepping back into an established organization, they don’t appear interested in starting a new company. Ken and Roberta are happy where they are, which is a damn pretty place to be. If all the newbies to this board keep pleading and berating Ken for not “saving” Sierra he may (if he hasn’t already) become annoyed enough to abandon this venture.
Now, here is the upper – Anyone, and I mean anyone, out there who has any interest in reviving Sierra should start their own Sierra. Do your homework, inspire others with small business experience to join your team, then find venture capital. Maybe the Williams would be interested in investing, or even being hired as consultants – you never know. Then when you have the money, the knowledge, and the will to succeed, you hire the talent. Hire Al Lowe. If Al is happy where he is, you find the next generation of Al Lowes and Scott Murphys. Then you make history. Again. 
And when your games and your company becomes successful you make an offer to VU to purchase the Sierra franchises and characters. Then you’ve reclaimed and revitalized Sierra. 
Now, someone, please get to work!