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(re: Sierra shut down) I just read this from crossroads….

“The Sierra office in Bellevue, Washington, is set to close within the next two months, and while Vivendi will reportedly continue to use the Sierra Name, the studio itself will blink out of existence.”

Ok, living in the past is one thing, but this makes me so sad I cannot bear it! When I first read “Sierra Shuts Down” I was under the impression that “Sierra”, name and logo, were gone… Now after reading this it seems clear that Vivendi (have they made a good game yet?) will continue to do what they have all along….rape the logo, and utilize the heritage as a means of profit.

“Sierra Shuts Down” should have been the headline back when Space Quest, King’s Quest, etc all went down the drain. Or maybe when Ken and Roberta decided to sell the company. (No regrets Ken, of course 🙂 But no, it’s just now after this latest news. It just seems so cruel, and I just can’t fathom the depths to which that logo, and my memories, have sunk.

Ken… Roberta… We just need to hear those words from you. Moving on just doesn’t seem right, unless we all get together and make games so damned great we can get the NAME and LOGO back. Trivial? Yes. Important still? Yes.

Ken, don’t stop caring about Sierra. You and Roberta’s creations will outlive us all, and hopefully, there will be one more good memory attached to that name, and logo… Sierra….

Best wishes to all those who are losing jobs through this!