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(re: re: Sierra box cover artists) There are a LOT of changes coming to this website.

1) I completely rewrote the message board system.
2) I rewrote the menu system
3) I added a new server

All of this goes effective sometime in the next two weeks. Expect problems in the first couple of days after the upgrade. I do plenty of testing locally, but no matter what I do, the real world tends to behave differently than my laptop.

You should see some immediate benefits:

– The current system IS NOT search-engine friendly. I’ve known this for years, but didn’t really want the extra traffic. This next upgrade “opens to the door” to the search engines, and will raise the traffic here 10-fold, at least. Hopefully that will be a good thing.
– The current bulletin board system is buggy and slow. The new one is lightning fast, looks much better and will hopefully be less buggy.

I may post a link early next week to my beta server so that people can start “shaking down” the new code.

-Ken W