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(re: Sierra box cover artists) Thanks for the info. Oh and the early box art -zip file I already have.
Very nice stuff there.

I’ve updated the cover artists page a bit.
When I get to it, I still know plenty of stuff to add there, though not from Sierra and Lucas at the moment.

Brooks has contributed some Space Quest 7 concept art stuff to show for

He has very interesting side notes on the works at his page too (though there would definitely be much more to tell too).
Like Larry 1 VGA cover was paper cut and it fell apart week after the shoot :).

And couple of the covers seen there were made with Adobe and Corel.
Interesting, because this was early 1990s, and CGI covers weren’t the mainstream yet (f.ex. Ultima Underworld II and Ultima 8 cover were made with computer too).

There probably were computer generated covers in 1980s too (even if you’re not counting screenshot-covers);
does anyone remember some from any companies?
Or more from early 1990s?