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(re: Sierra box cover artists) Good work and good luck as you continue with this! We’ll have to see if we can somehow integrate your Sierra list with this site once it’s grown to be comprehensive. It’s cool that you’ve found Terry’s site, I will get in contact with him regarding his work at Sierra in order to see if he has material for the museum here.

Terry also did: Gobliiins, Fire Hawk, and Freddy Pharkas. If you haven’t already, I’ll also send him a link to your site and ask him if he has more games to add to your list.

John Shaw has done tons of Sierra covers. The ones I can confirm right now are: Manuhunter New York, Space Quest 3, and Codename Iceman. His awesome art is all over the internet and I have probably emailed every website that his art is on, but I have been unable to get contact information for him.

Ken put up a zip of box art here before… I’ll see if I can dig up the link and post it for you. If not, I can re-post it. And good questions. Hopefully Ken can answer those for us.

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