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(re: A silly idea? (game archive)) This is what Frans is doing with the Space Quest games at… though he is actually offering them for download, with a disclaimer. AFAIK, he hasn’t received any flak yet, and his site is well-known.

Ken has stated that he will not allow game uploads here, but he will allow links to sites with the games. In other words, you could create your own archival site with the games, and Ken would allow a link to it.

There are a number of fans with extensive collections of Sierra games, and those who are trying to create such collections. Not just of the games themselves of course, but also all the stuff that comes with the games, boxes, manuals, etc.

The problem becomes, what standard do we adopt to create such an archive? Of different fans I know of including myself who are making such collections, we all have different ways of doing things.

Ken has also talked about creating a physical museum of computer history (that would include Sierra) one day… in my mind, that is where a physical collection of the Sierra games should be made, and should include computers that would allow visitors to play them. I would love to see such a thing happen.

I’ve talked from time to time (somewhat hesitantly) about creating an art book with the stuff I’m gathering for the musem here, that would cover the other side of the equation in a way that everyone can access by having their own copy, such as the concept artwork, box art, those sorts of things, along with memories from the designers / artists. The stories of Sierra, that would allow Sierra to live on by re-telling the stories and showing the images. Both things, a musem for the interactive side and a book for the keepsake side (not everyone can own their own copy of the boxes, the artwork, etc), would be good things.

So it’s not really such a silly idea. It just needs more discussion, more visionaries…

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