Game Title: Civil War Generals 2: Grant - Lee - Sherman
Release Date: xx-xx-1997
Release Number: 1
Previous Game in Series: Civil War Generals 1: Robert E. Lee
Series: Impressions

Description:  Civil War Generals 2 expanded on Impressions' earlier title, Robert E. Lee: Civil War General. CWG2 features turn-based play on a hex map and artwork by Mort Künstler.  Battle as the boys in blue or gray in the Mississippi Valley or on the Atlantic Coast. Play an individual battle, a mini-campaign or the entire war. Create your own customized battlefields with the new terrain editor, and challenge foes around the world to Internet, modem, or network war.  (From Mobygames description)


Andy 7/18/2018
My copy is original and shot can anyone burn me a new copy?
James 3/16/2018
I made a petition to bring the game back please sign
Ronnie 1/24/2018
go to and search civil war generals 2.  you can downlaod a version that works on windows 10.
Ronnie Sanchez 1/24/2018
Posted 1/24/2018.&nbsp; If you go to the website; Type in the search box civil war generals 2.&nbsp; it should be the first to come up.&nbsp; Click on civil war generals 2.&nbsp; In the upper right side of the screen you will see three files.&nbsp; The third file is Download - Easy Setup (96.5 MB).&nbsp; You can download this file (it cost $5.95) to your desk or lap top.&nbsp; Run the file where you are going to put the game.&nbsp; (if you change destination, the program will not work unless you copy the winG32.dll file into you windows 10, sysWOW32 file.&nbsp; This games plays beautifully on my windows 10 operating system.<br />
Cody Wells 11/5/2017

Hey everyone. So I installed my old copy of cwg2 on my pc running windows 8. Got the wing32.dll file put it in system32 and the syswow64 folders and game works great. However i tried the same steps on my wife's old laptop running vista (except the syswow64 folder since vista is 32bit i assume and i couldnt find it) and the game crashes on startup everytime. I aslo tried running in compatibility mode but no luck... 

Any ideas? 

I am also not that computer savvy and know nothing about creating virtual machines...


Don 7/28/2017
I have virtual xp on my computer, as I purchased that way. Installed CWG2, it works, but in a mini size!
Juanpablo3 6/22/2017

Hi all,

Love this game for ages and I still play my original copy on my 64-bit Windows 10.

The solution is the simplest I found. Not installing extra things to make it runable or anything like that which can cause damage on the operating system.

What I did was:

1 - Install virtualbox

2 - Create a new virtual machine that runs Windows xp

3 - Install the game in this virtual machine

Everything works fine: the menus, the units, the videos, the music... even the no-cd solution.

For me is the easiest and best solution for play old games in new computers.

Best regards and hope I helped!

Justin Schwenk 5/17/2017
I don't know if anyone is familiar or not, but there is a new game on STEAM called Ultimate General: Civil War.   The game mechanics are virtually the same except the movement on the map is more in line with the Total War series.   I didn't know if maybe the developers of this game had simply rebooted it in this new format.  Loved this game years ago and have been looking for it to be re-released or updates in someway.  
Don Reed 12/22/2016
have followed the video and reloaded everything, win 8. when trying to start,message comes up to inset game disc, even with no-cd files in pics. when i click on yes, after a few seconds get the tileinfo.txt file missing, but the file is in one of the folders. any help appreciated, email is
Evan Foster 11/24/2016
If anyone wants a digital copy of this that works on modern machines, you can find buy one here
bobobob 11/6/2016
Is anyone home at Sierra Games?  If so, what would it take to hire a Bulgarian programmer to update CWG2 to run on Windows 10?  Are you looking for venture capital in order to undertake this?  Do you give a s _  _ _ anymore?
IronWarrior22 10/21/2016
I recently bought CWG2, the physical copy, and it won't run on my 64-bit Win10. I have done what was suggested earlier, the "Tunngle-Wrapper" solution and it didn't work. Now, all I'm asking for is a way for me to get it to work, not to use the online function.
vincent henry 9/26/2016

hi all,..........most won't remember me....Capt Ned Kelly and Goats......i played..{rather poorly }back in the oringle days of ..yes...W O N....... and then  when we had to move and found Kali.  still have my cwg2 stuff and tried to play on win7 home ed...but no downloaded the new files and stuff..including the video on how to do the install so i hope in about 1-2 weeks i can get it up and running...i re-registered for kali horde of regiments of rabid goats are chaffing  at the ropes to attack and eat your tents and supplies along with leaving foul smelling internal deposits inside the barrels of your guns and artillary.....Ned from australia

Chris 9/13/2016
CWG2 Not Running On Windows 10

Hey Everyone,

I have CWG2 installed on my 64-bit Windows 10 device.  However, when I run the game and select "Play" the menu screen disappears and the game does not run.  Windows suggested I install something, I clicked yes, installed it, and restarted my computer.  Unfortunately, I forgot what I installed. Anybody have a solution for this? 

captcorp 8/2/2016
Hello All and holy sh&$ I can't believe that there is a CWG2 resurgence going on and I managed to find it If I can get it going I hope to see you all soon. Any of yall who remember me feel free to hit me up saidly I no longer use Aim but I am on Facebook Chris Corp. 
CanonFodderBear 7/14/2016

Sent emails out to everyone who posted one.  Pointing to:   CWG2 can be played on 64bit machines AND played online.  Ya needs this:

And This:

A little tricky, so read up in tunngle forums.  Also a u-toob video.  G'luck!

Ron 6/20/2016

I have the original disk, but my computers are all to fast to run it, so I went through the download and went the no cd patch route. After some struggle I got the game to run on a new machine, however everything shows up as troops. The cav, the cannon, and all other special forces just show as troops. Can anyone out there help me with this? 

Thank you very much, I really like this game.


CanonFodderBear 6/19/2016
Got the game to run on the server, like GH Steuart said.  Had problems before, so I uninstalled kali, and ran CC cleaner to clean up the registry, reinstalled kali again (didn't even have to put my original key codes in, they were already there. (??).  Did some configuration tweakings, and right klikked the Lee icon, hit "run on server", and the game fired up.  Hadn't done that before.  Don't have another computer to try testing the "seriel connection for direct play".  So, can't play with the different "Com ports", or stop bits er none of that stuff.  But, at LEAST the game runs on the server.  This is on Windows 10, mind ya!  64 bit, and all that
CanonFodderBear 6/18/2016
Seems to be a reemergence of CWG2.  Am trying to install 1.04 patch, but forgot where to unzip it to.  And, would the 1.04 patch, have that "IPX" in there?  There are several people on the facebook.  It's really funny.  The chat is listed in "clan lobbies" (in kali), and I can get in there, and chat (to myself,, and can right klik on "game servers" and the game fires up (this is version so it sez), but when I tried to fire it up from chat, by right klikking on the gen.lee icon, it TRIED, even seen the screen start to resolute, and then, kicked me back to chat again.  Someone found, when Sierra stopped supporting cwg2, et el, the "WON" network.  Don't Sierra realize that there ARE some of us, who TRULY DON'T CARE for the "mouse olympic" fps games (to borrow a term I heard coined from when we were still called "Lead Eaters", right as these fps games were being hailed as the "finest invention since sliced bread"......BAH!!!! HUMBUG!!!!  Is Jay Cotton still around?  There just HAS to be a "workaround" to get multiplayer back up....Or, even better........SIERRA!!  GET OFF YER COLLECTIVE ARSES, AND FIX THIS!!!!........             where's ****STONEWALL****, when ya need him?  Where's JT?....Where's the "Woodshed"?.......LOL!!
Ron Stephen 3/3/2016

FYI: There is a FaceBook group for those who are still playing this game (and they can help you get it running on your W7, W8 or W10 systems).

GHSteuart 1/14/2016
I was able to get the game to work on Windows 7, thanks to info provided by JT.  You will need to download wing32.dll and copy to windows/sysWOW64.  I did have problems when I tried testing on kali.  The multiplayer options did not list IPX, so no online play until resolved.  Anyone have suggestions on kali?  GHSteaurt
Egon 1/14/2016
I've tried this on at least two occasions and been unsuccessful.  How can we get Sierra to update, complete and rerelease this game?
T. Lucas 11/2/2015
I just purchased a copy of this game on e-bay. I loved this game years ago and want to play it again.  I've tried the free downloads and can't get it to work. I'm not a computer geek and must have missed a step somewhere.  So, I'll just take my chances with another cd and hope it works. I'm like the rest of you, I would gladly pay for an updated version of this game.
arvy 10/5/2015
I manage to play install the game, but there are some error in the game.. the artillery unit and gunboat and frigates shows only infantry Icon unit and it cannot function as artillery.. how to correct this error? thanks
Mike 9/18/2015

trying to get this to work on Windows 10 right now.  New to DosBox though so probably not much help, but I'll post if I get it to work.

Bud 9/18/2015

Anyone getting this to run in Windows10?  If yes, what are the steps?

I still have the cd to re-load.

Mark 9/17/2015

I was able to download the game and get it to play thanks to the helpful YouTube video.  However, I am having one issue.  When I first start the game and am in either the Campaign selection or Battle selection screen, I can't scroll through the choices.  I'm stuck with the 8 or 9 choices that fit in the box and can't scroll through to all the other choices.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Or more importantly, how can it be fixed?  I am playing on a 32bit Windows 7 machine.

Thank you

Viceroy 8/9/2015
Be sure to check out this group on Facebook!
Tyler 7/21/2015
any way to get this game working on a mac?
Bill 6/25/2015
Awesome game. I really, really wish Sierra would update it to play on Windows 7 (and higher) platforms.
Arthur Brear 6/20/2015
Good game. Played before. Had a lot of fun. Can't get it to download.
jimbob 6/19/2015
i use VMware. i have a few emulated boxes (win 95, win 98se) for playing my old games on my windows 7 64 bit computer
olihist 4/3/2015

For those of you wondering about how to play this game on a modern system, here are some links:


Website where you can get the files needed to download and install CWG2


In this Youtube video, "TheEightBitMasters" explains how to install CWG2 using the files from the above website.  


Website where you can download the "wing32" file needed for playing CWG2 on a 64Bit system.  

Hope this helps!

Makis 3/30/2015
Someone, sometime, PLEASE remake this game for Windows 7, after hours of pain, installing, unistalling and forum reading, I can still not play it. Such a great game of my youth, forever gone :(
johnhayman09 3/27/2015
Hello.  Anyone out there?
john hayman 3/22/2015
The is the best game I have ever played!  I have been playing for over ten years - so addicting.  Can it be run on a tablet?  I am still using my laptop which is five years old.
swhunter 2/26/2015

Hi gents, any one left from Old kai? 

One question, which is the best plan to down load CWG 2. I have win 7, 64 bit. I seen some downloads for 1.0, doesn't it need 1.4 for the patch? 

Any help would be great. 


PBar 2/3/2015
Please help! We're running Windows7 and the WING32.dll issue isn't resolving. Attempting to download the file is failing consistently. Downloaded Open Freely to try that and, although OF says it will open .dll files, it won't. Any suggestions? I'm missing playing CWBG2 and will happily try whatever might work. Please help. Also, not tremendously 'techie,' so please use plainspeak ;). Thanks in advance.
Hank Sattlethight AKA GHSteuart 1/5/2015

To: unknown  on 3/19/2014

Re: Copying Units

It's been a few years since I messed around with game files but in short you can use Excel to open game files.  Unit info can be copied, however, if I recall correctly, you need to be careful as unit are assigned numbers that need to correspond to AOB.  Otherwise the unit organization is a mess.  My email is

I plan to try CWG2 and Kali when I return home from my vacation.  I have an old XP box that I could use for the game and keep it limited to the game.  Old boxes are cheap and not hard to find.

Hank Sattlethight 1/4/2015

I tried to install a download version of CWG2 and am running into problems.  I'll try my install disk when I get home.  Am currently traveling.  It is great to see some of the generals from WON and KALI here.  ghsteuart

Jason 12/28/2014
Does anyone know if this game is able to download on a Mac? 
Gen. Macomb 10/29/2014
While I never got into on-line play, I have been a fan since 2002. I tried to save all player created scenarios posted on-line since then, including from Dell Wade's old site. If you are interested in any of these old scenarios. Let me know. If you have any scenarios you would share, I would appreciate them.
Mark 10/10/2014
Looking to play this again, and I saw that the game has been hosted on Is this site reliable, and will it still have the same .dll problem that everyone else is talking about? Looking for some help to get back into this game, I've been missing it for too many years =( email me at Thanks
sosodial8 9/27/2014
to the folks with the error message issue, ultimately the error makes the game unplayable, no matter how many times your restart it, saved games won't help either, you can't fix this yourself, you have to download the patch,i don't know where you do that at but somehow i did it a few years ago (less than 5i think) and that'll fix it, until then you unfortunately have a game so bRoken you might as well save your frustration
Gary 9/7/2014
Ok I found a 4 year old post that addressed the missing file Quote" "If you get this error I am guessing that you are launching the application from its folder or from the start menu. I stopped getting this error when I created a shortcut to the executable on my desktop, modified the shortcut properties compatibility mode to windows 95 and launched it from there." I made the short cut then set the properties to compatibility with Win7 Now when I double click the CWG2 icon from the desktop I am told the Mss32.dll file is missing but the file is in the folder. I might need to delete everything and start over. hummmm
Gary 9/7/2014
I have been working on trying to get CWG2 running in Win7. When I double click the CWG2.exe icon it tells me the file 'tileinfo.txt is missing..I checked the downloads and extracted files and there is no 'Tileinfo.txt file Anyone know where I can locate the missing file? I googled it and came up empty
JEB 9/6/2014
Hi CWG2 fans! I need help with multiplayer...when I select IPX connection method, the "Host" and "Join" options are grayed-out. I haven't tried PBEM or Hot-Seat games, I'd like to play the game on my home LAN. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Is there a patch, or do I need to tweak a file or something? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
BillyJack 8/23/2014
Hello All--->I managed to get the game working on Windows8....but I cannot figure out how to run the Patch...When I try to click on it, I get the message "Cannot run this app"....can someone please help me? How can I run the patch? In the Grand Campaign, when I get to Kernstown, the game crashes to Desktop after the battle is over. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!
joe 8/19/2014
my disc went bad. how do i download using old system xp or 7.
michigan infantry here at Kali now! no problems cept finding opponents.
BillyJack 8/12/2014
Hello All, I am a HUGE fan of CWG2....I think that it is amazing that a game that was released 17 years ago STILL is one of the best Civil War games ever! (Personally, it is my favorite!). I now have Windows 8--->Will I be able to play the game? I downloaded the folder and got to the part where I need to run WingDing...I got the error message saying that my computer cannot run the App (when I try to run the .exe file). Can someone be so kind to help me get this game installed? I must admit-->I am really bad when it comes to manually moving files and that sort of thing. I would LOVE to play this game again! I am so happy to see that there are still people playing it and that there are still online games on Kali going on! Thank you in advance to anyone who will help me...
Andrew 8/8/2014
Hey, Bre. Go here and use the recommended download a little ways down the page. After it downloads, right click on the patch and find the "UniExtract File" option. Click it, and manually extract the patch. Go to where you extracted the patch, then open each folder, one by one, matching them with the folders where you installed CWG2. Copy and paste them over, selecting the "copy and replace" button when the choice pops up. The files will overwrite the original game files. I had your problem, and this fixed it. Haven't crashed since. Good luck, and I'll check back here to see if you still need help.
Bre 8/4/2014
What do I do with the patch? It has issues on windows 7, and I'm stuck in my grand campaign with it crashing after Antietam. I already replayed the battle and it continues to crash. I got the game to work with the info here but I don't think I'm getting the patch to correctly install. Any help would be appreciated!
Andrew 7/31/2014
Alright. I got it to work. Thanks, guys. Reading through the comments was helpful. Now my question is, where do I find the downloads for the mods people ran on this game? The site they used to be on is no longer in service.
Andrew 7/31/2014
Hey, guys. I got the wing32 business over to syswow64 or whatever, but now that I want to install the patch, I'm having the compatibility issue again. Now, though, I can't just unzip it where I want it, because the patch is a .exe file. So I can't install 1.04 where it needs to go, and I can't find a zipped version of the patch anywhere. Am I stuck without the patch? The game will be nearly unplayable this way.
I keep getting a TerrFX.TX "File Not Found" pop up when I try and run on Windows 7. It can't find the disc. Can anyone help?
I downloaded this after my disk decided to no longer read, and installed it, but after playing one level the game says next level not found. I'm not sure how to fix this.
Tim 7/6/2014 See instructions below on dealing with Windows 7. The usual problem seems to be that this file goes into the 64 bit windows folder.
swhunter 6/21/2014
Hi, i have windows 7 now. And my CWG2 doesn't work. Can i get some help? Thanks.
moondawggie 6/15/2014
Where did you find a working copy of the wing32.dll file? I can't find one that works. Thanks!
bucnut87 5/1/2014
Thanks for the info on getting CWG2 to work on Windows 7! Downloading Wing32.dll worked like a charm.
jjpettigrew 4/19/2014
To All Cwg2 online veterans and those interested. It appears kali may be operational. A note refers to some working out of kinks upon loading kali and the only people anywhere on the entire site were on the descent server. No one responded to me when I clicked in over there. I was trying to get some updated kali news. Getting in touch with another CWG2 vet to meet there to see if game loads smoothly and turn a few on a battle to confirm its all running ok would be good.
There's also an expansion floating around that lets you play Seven Years War and Napoleonic war scenarios.
Eli 3/24/2014
You can download the game safely at I've been playing it for over 15 years, it is loads of fun! Enjoy!
Brandon 3/23/2014
Anyone have suggestions on where to go to download Civil War Generals 2 for Windows 8? I still have the old CD from when I played it in the past, but can't get it to work. Thanks for any tips. Or if there's a d/l link anyone can provide, that'd be good, too. Love the series! Wish they'd remake it!
I continue to play this game using Windows 7 and have had no problems. One thing I was hoping to find is if there is a way to COPY units when setting up scenarios. It's very tedious to have to manually type in all of the data that goes into building large armies; I'm hoping that I may just be missing a trick that lets you create units more efficiently.
I'm playing it on Windows 8, so I don't know why it couldn't be played on Windows 7.
Tim 3/12/2014
Ohio, I play using windows 7. There are some instructions below on how to do this. Trojan Killer is a good application to have if your worried about things sneaking in with a free download. Tim
Ohio 3/12/2014
This absolutely fabulous game cannot be played on Windows7. Microsoft needs to provide a simple, safe wing32dll download. In the meantime, it's bizarre that some software company hasn't pursued an upgraded version of this same game.
jjpettigrew 3/8/2014
was just over at on another periodic check to see what their status is. it seems something has been tinkered with, like whoever administers kali may not be buried out at La Brea afterall. anyone else been over their lately or know if that place is still workable. got a firewall/port type issue this morning which of course i couldnt sort out with my limited experience . will check it further later today and repost whether its new info or not.
Tim 3/7/2014
There really hasn't been a good tactical Civil War game since CWG2. HPS Simulations tried and failed. I have slim hope that Slitherine Games' new version of Field of Glory will allow users to easily customize it so that it can be expanded into more than just ancient and medieval times.
Andy 2/13/2014
Why no platform brings this back I cant understand. It was the best CW game. It could have been expanded to include revolutionary war or European theaters... so sad. I remember the first Empire Dos game... it was simple but an excellent strategy game. The company ruined it with Empire II. They changed the game completely... Sierra had something really good here with CWG2 and it sad to see it fade away. Can someone update this and bring it back without ruining it?
It says I need the disk how do I get past that part and play the game?
Can I do anything to make this game work on a Samsung Tab3 tablet? thanks Steve
General Simo Buford 2/6/2014
Hi All - I just came across this and good to see there is still interest in this great game. Also good to see some familiar name like jj. I been playing the Total War series since the cwg2 days but have recently found matrix games which have a lot of great older games re done inc a new civil war 2 but based on blue and grey style game engine.
Tim 2/4/2014
Anyone with CWG2 Windows issues, READ THIS! I am reposting this from a thread that I found on Armchair General. These instruction work. The trick is knowing where to install the wing32.dll file when you're running a 64bit machine. **** OK, to get CWG2 to run on Windows 7 you need wing32.dll. The wingding install provided by CWG2 sites doesn't work and you shouldn't need to run it since the game just requires wing32.dll. Apparently, in older operating systems games ran differently and it was replaced by DirectX. Wing32 was part of this older system. In order to get wing32.dll go to this site and download it. I tried placing this file in the CWG2 folder but the game didn't run. The dll file was installed in the wrong place. So I moved it to C:\Windows\System32. That didn't work either. My Win 7 is 64 bit so I moved wing32.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64. I started the game and it worked. I am not sure but I guess SysWOW64 is only on 64 bit Windows 7. If you have 32 bit Windows 7 wing32.dll will go in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. The above will also probably work for Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. When you start CWG2 it will not start in full screen but it will later on. Just press space to skip the video introduction (if you wish), wait for the credits to roll and menu to fully appear.
Played this back in the day bought it brand new but I have windows 7 on my laptop if anyone knows how to get it to play plz plz plz email me at very much appreciated
CIVIL WAR GENERALS rulez, the best game ever to play:)
jjpettigrew 1/11/2014
all the blood and gore shooter stuff kids play today explains plenty. this is a thinking game that required what it required. no wonder most of us were all older. i would like to play it again the way we used to.
ancientgame man 1/2/2014
You can run this on Windows 7! Open the game/CD as a file folder without installing it. "wing32.dll" is included on the disc. Copy wing32.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64. I started the game and it worked
Ironbrigade 12/30/2013
Ironbrigade 12/30/2013
I wish Windows 7 didn't break the game. It's nice seeing some familiar faces in this chat. I wish would pick this up and fix it, they've done similar things for other old games
john 12/14/2013
Any chance there is a version for MAC. I played this a long time ago, but have switched to MAC.
vincent henry ned kelly 11/18/2013
salute hi jj how's the nursing corps going ben dropped me a email the other day found a solution to win 7 home ed laptop not playing cwg2 changed the compatibillity mode to win 95 and booted up immediatly only problem its in a small screen and everything i do hasn't fixed that yet but i can play it once again keep in touch oh saw something about kali and the room or something number has changed am investigating this and will leave a message is there any other place that people could play besides kali have fun none of all you guys have ever been forgotten mainly cause i was beaten almost all the time lol still enjoyed playing ned and goats and now cows and sheep
jjpettigrew 10/28/2013
email address
jjpettigrew 10/28/2013
have not forgotten this game. periodically cast about web for it. good to see people i know posted here recently. (Ned Ben 1SG) just attempted kali and continues to be problematic. do not know solution there. many good memories. will be in touch fellas. can be reached at email listed.
vincent henry 10/26/2013
corpral ned kelly and goats from australia still waiting the call up for war...but everyone seems to have disappeared still playing {badly} by myself remember won and kali but no-ones there after awhile couldnt find the cwg2 room on kali so gave up still remember all generals i served under... contact me if you like having problems running cwg2 with win7 salute corp ned kelly and rabid goats
Welk, french modder 10/8/2013
I convertes this fabulous game for the WW2 (East Front) and it works fine ! See here :
1SG Bergemann 9/13/2013
I played this game for a very long time when it was on WON and KALI. Is anyone still playing on-line anymore?
1SG Bergemann 9/13/2013
I played this game for a very long time when it was on WON and KALI. Is anyone still playing on-line anymore?
SinjCeridan 8/27/2013
Here you go Dean: To run on Win7 download wing.dll from this site: If you are running 32bit unzip the file into the C:\Windows\System32 folder. For 64bit unzip into the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Voila! Ready to play the game.
Dean Bonehill 8/11/2013
Hi there I am Dean from the UK. I love playing Civil war generals 2 but I have just uprgraded to windows 7 and I have found the game I play the most does not work. Can anyone out there please tell how to get back in the saddle and play this fantastic game. Please feal free to e-mail me at Oh one last thing I am not very good with computer tech so please can to provide a step by step guide. Many thanks Dean
Brad Sparks 6/10/2013
How do you download a patch for Windows 7. It always says that the file is not compatible. Thanks! email me at with the answer
Does anyone know where I can find the Quick Reference Card for CWG2? My email is Thanks
Welk 1/29/2013
I am creating a big mod for CWG2 : this game is excellent for Us Civil war, the best I think, but do you know that this gaùme may be adapted for the ww2 ? It works very perfectly in this way, after heavy modifications i am working on in graphs, spread files (under excel), etc : Take a look here with screen captures (french forum but you may post in english) The name of the mod system is : "Command War General" (1944, US Army vs Wehrmacht, West front), playable vs human opponent or vs AI
Craven Morehead 11/2/2012
This is how you install the game on windows 7: Download universal extractor and extract the install file manually. The setup exe is still 32 bit, but the installer for alot of these games is the old 16 bit. After I did this, it sintalled and worked perfectly in xp sp2 compatibility mode.
Welk 8/8/2012
Here is the correct link to the official Sierra page for patches :
Welk 8/8/2012
Here is a link to the official Sierra page for patches : D:\Games\CWG2\Patches\Civil War Generals Series Updates - The Sierra Help Pages.mht
welk 8/8/2012
One of the best PC wargame I never played. I am working on a special mod for the game, that give the game the look of the original old Kriegsspiel, for 19 Th century Links here :
benhelm 7/24/2012
Ronnie, you may contact me at this email for many cwg2 maps/scenarios that are more historical.
Ronnie 7/19/2012
I bought Civil War Generals 1 and enjoyed it. But, when CWG2 came out it bought it and still play it to this day (usually 3 to 4 nights a week). No other civil war game that I have come across even compares. Being a Civil War buff, I've used the game maps on visits to various real life sites and have found many of them pretty close to the correct terrain. Sorry to see it fade away (as well as Sierra). Thanks for many years of fun. By the way, Transport Tycoon was pretty good also.
Ronnie 7/19/2012
I bought Civil War Generals 1 and enjoyed it. But, when CWG2 came out it bought it and still play it to this day (usually 3 to 4 nights a week). No other civil war game that I have come across even compares. Being a Civil War buff, I've used the game maps on visits to various real life sites and have found many of them pretty close to the correct terrain. Sorry to see it fade away (as well as Sierra). Thanks for many years of fun. By the way, Transport Tycoon was pretty good also.
Ron Crane 6/18/2012
Having a major malcuntion with my copy of CWG II. Everything works but the DLL to start the whole affair. Original Discs were stolen so thank god I have the backups but the Install is screwed up.
Ron 3/22/2012
Has there been any progress or is there anyway to run this game using Windows 7? I agree with other posts, this is the greatest Civil war sim game. But I have no computers left to run this on...Please help!!
Ohio 11/16/2011
none of the "wing32dll" downloads work. Sierra needs to either have microsoft provide a reliable wing32dll download or update the currnet CWGenerals 2 version. This is a great game that shouldn't be allowed to die.
Best Strategy game I ever played. Wish they would come out with a version that could be played on Windows 7 or even an Android This would sell huge. Window 95 unit's are hard to find which might spell the end for this awsome game!
jw 10/14/2011
What a shame - everybody loves this game but you can't run it on any current operating systems. If #3 came out to run on Vista and Windows 7 it would fly off the shelves.
Where can you buy this game without spending over 20 dollars and not from downloading it? Please help!
Nate 11/12/2010
I''m a huge fan, but my computer runs Vista Home Premium. I can''t even get it to install in compatibility mode for Windows 95. I''d get VirtualPC but you need a Business level OS or above to use it. I''d so hoped to play this for 150th anniversary of the firing on Ft. Sumter. How lame is it that I''m actually considering running out and buying a new computer to play an OLD game? This is the greatest Civil War game ever made...
Alex 4/8/2010
I absolutely love this game. I still play it a few hours every week.




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