Game Title:
The Official Frogger
Release Date: xx-xx-1981
Release Number: 1


Bill 2/20/2014
I want to say that I enjoyed playing Hoyle card games. I was working two jobs in the 80's and 90's and had little time to spare. To sit down and play card games, with the computer as my opponant, was very relaxing and not to demanding. Sadly I had to retire in 1996, but I found another job which paid as well. I was able to work that job for 12 years. Then my back went out and I had to have two surgeries. I could not climb the stairs in my house any longer. Fortunately I owned another house next door to mine which was all on one floor. I wasn't able to move my computer at that time. In fact when I did move it, I found that my graphics card was bad, and I could not find a replacement. I bought a new computer but have since found that I can not use the same software that I had used with my old computer. If you know where I could get some free or inexpensive software, I would apreciate it if you would let me know where.



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