Game Title:
Hi-Res Adventure #5: Time Zone
Release Date: xx-xx-1982
Release Number: 1
Series: Hi-Res Adventures
Previous Game in Series: Hi-Res #4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
Next Game in Series: Hi-Res #6: The Dark Crystal
Designer: Roberta Williams

Description: Someone has chosen you to secure the Earth's future by destroying the evil ruler of the planet Neburon. He offers you the ability of time and space travel in order to do so, and has placed a time machine in your home so that you can travel to different time periods. In these periods, you will meet such famous names like Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, Cavemen, Robin Hood, Benjamin Franklin, and Cleopatra.  Like any other adventure game from On-Line Systems, you can switch between graphic and text modes. You are required to type a one- or two-word command to perform actions. The game can also be saved with a floppy disk, but with one that is specifically designed for use with the game. (From Mobygames description)


Richard Cushman 6/15/2018
Is this still an active board? Looking for TimeZone fans, trying to solve a puzzle in the game that I can't seem to get around...
eric surrarrer 10/19/2012
timezone is a awesome game everytime i play this game i tryed to have plenty of time to play it


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