Game Title:
Release Date: xx-xx-1995
Release Number: 1
Series: CD-Rom Era

Description:  Phantasmagoria is a rather large adventure game from Sierra in terms of CDs (7), not necessarily in length. You play Adrienne, who has just moved into an old mansion with her photographer husband Donald. Shortly after moving in, Adrienne begins to experience horrifying nightmares and have odd encounters inside the creepy old abode. Further, the house is having a severe effect on her husband, changing him for the worse and you must discover its secret before he (or the house) kills Adrienne.  (From Mobygames description)

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Carno 8/14/2018

Hope one day for remaster /rework this best adventure ever! 

Joshua 11/15/2016
I'm with another commenter. This game should be remastered since older cd rom fmv games to tend to have some issues with the video quality.
Matez 5/31/2016
Remaster this please! 
Bludgeoned Nut 10/18/2015
The game has been back for a while now. It will run in Dos Box, a DOS emulator, but all of it is built in. Many great games on GOG that bring back great memories.
Lou Vela 10/11/2015

My self and several of my friends were talking about this game last night..... So want to play it again.

PC/counsel/mobile app

any of the above would be incredible

Inês 10/2/2015

Please Bring it back! It was a true horror experience, never had again felt the same with other games.

This was the best game i ever played.

Paul 9/16/2015
Year after year I think about playing this game again, but cant with my PC. Please bring it back in remastered format. This would be a dream come true and you all know it.
Lin 8/27/2015
I would definitetly buy this game again for PC or other game formats.Please bring it back xx
Emilio 7/11/2015
Incredible game. In fact incredible company. I played a lot of games but this one was and unforgettable experience. I hope sometime in the future you decide back with one game similar or a remastered version of this one.
Matez 2/14/2015
Please make remaster version with HD videos. Best horror adventure ever.
oldie 11/3/2014
Please! return to play this game in HD version is the best ever adventure game that I played.
Andreas Gossen 8/8/2014
please make from this game HD remaster for ps4 and xbox one as download titel(with hd textures in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound). In english and all european languages. Please not a Remake just a remastered Edition.
Barbara Stowes 7/29/2014
I agree with Kathi Gerner, I want a later version. Is it call drivers or patch
A new dated version would be fabulous. This game filled many hours of entertainment.
Kathi Werner 8/20/2013
I have the original version of this. I received it as a gift. I would love to play it again but it will not work. Please create a 64-bit version.
Master 5/14/2013
Good old games has it updated with dosbox, enjoy!
smurfen 4/15/2013
you can get it here
Zdenek 2/1/2013
Thank you for a best adventure I ever play... It is real to remake it to HD ? I think that Kickstarter is way. Have you somewhere resources of videos in better quality? I think it will be incredible with hd quality. Thank you for your answer. I will hope...
siamorphe 11/13/2012
I'm Belgian and i'm on windows seven, please remake this game for 64 bits!
if you go to, you can download it for only a couple of bucks, and it will work on all new machines!
Dawn 4/8/2012
I played the game years ago and just recently found a copy of it at a Goodwill and tried to play it but cant:( Would love to though if anyone know how to or if they have made an updated version that would be great!!!
Gene 11/1/2011
I played Phantasmagoria many, many years ago and read somewhere there was a patch "P2FIX.exe" which affected something on disc 5. Although, I don't remember coming across the glitch. REGARDING "LIGHTHOUSE", I am pretty sure there was a patch which fixed the inability of making a turn on a careening 'mine'car' in a cave. Does anyone have this buried somewhere or know a source???
Stefan 8/5/2011
That's right!! Please make both Phantasmagoria games for the new windows versions. These games are both INCREDIBLE!! What more can I say..... :-)
Pat 6/28/2011
Hello, i search the games 1 and 2, but i dont find a seller :( Please make a remake, or contact me how i can find a seller! I love to play this games again :) thanks alot! Kind Regards Patrick
Yes, I loved Phantasmagoria, too! Why not make a new HD version with Adrienne Delaney, the most loveable computer heroine of all times!!!
Marcos 1/16/2011
Please remake this game to Windows 7 64 bits ultimate. Phantasmagoria 1 and 2 (Puzzle of Flesh). I love this two games! REMAKE THEM NOW...PLEASE!



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