Game Title:
Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks
Release Date: xx-xx-1994
Release Number: 1
Series: Discovery

Alternate Releases:


Bob 3/1/2014
Great game. I'd like to get a copy that runs on Mac.
Paul Rice 12/20/2013
This game looks a Spelling Jungle. Brought it for my Grand children after having a wonderful experience with Dr. Brain, The Lost Mind. The Spelling Jungle frustrated them so badly they never wanted to receive another computer game from me. They never said anything about it because I only see them three times a year. I got my hands on the one copy that had not been tossed and tested it myself and they are right, it is horrible. The second word Practice fails because there is no way to get across the river to get to the 'R' after picking up the 'P'. I see that it is under the name of Bright Star Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra On-Line. I can not remember what I paid for 4 copies now but I was duped and worst than that I have been a joke of a Granddad for years for buying cheap non functional software crap. I will send this one copy to you if you send me something that I can redeem myself with. They are not 7-10 anymore they 17-9 and they are coming to visit for the holidays. HELP



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