Game Title: Outpost
Release Date: xx-xx-1994
Release Number: 1
Series: CD-Rom Era

Description:  In the first part of the 21st century, scientists discovered a huge asteroid named Vulcan's Hammer headed straight for Earth. A single corporation decided the only way for survival was to colonize other worlds. One ship was launched and as it sat in orbit around Jupiter, Earth was no more. Now it is your task to seek out a new planet and repopulate it with human life. The game is set in an isometric third person perspective, like that of SimCity, in which you must re-colonize the planet while dealing with the intricacies of day-to-day life.   (From Mobygames description)


Joe 3/8/2015
I always LOVED this game. I wish it had been finished; so many half-implemented features teased what it could have been. I'd love to see a spiritual successor, this is definitely one of my childhood favorites.
Feujik 9/13/2013
Hello, You may want to look at this project ! => Terminus is a classic 'city-builder' set on a distant, inhospitable planet where there is only one colony, one chance, one future. A hard-boiled construction simulator at heart with the substance and clarity of a refined strategy. Starting from classic city builders of the genre, Terminus takes the terrifying leap into the frontier of space where every new game and new colonization effort bring a wildly different experience on a new, procedurally generated planet. You are the administrator of the colony and it's your mission to keep humanity going by any means possible. Colonists are mouths to feed, supplies are dwindling and almost everything is non-renewable.



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