Game Title:
Release Date: xx-xx-1995
Release Number: 1
Series: CD-Rom Era

Description:  Surviving a dare by your friends to spend the night in a haunted museum is how Shivers begins, but it soon turns into a challenge of capturing the evil Ixupi, ghosts of South American legend, in pots scattered throughout the museum.  The game is similar to Myst in many aspects in that it's an adventure game with a 1st-person slideshow-type presentation. Though unlike Myst, you have a life meter and the Ixupi can steal life from it if you aren't careful.   (From Mobygames description)

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Donnie 5/21/2018
To all of you wondering how you can play this game on windows 10... just download ScummVm.
Tessa 5/17/2018

Hey guys! For anyone interested in playing Shivers 1 on Windows, visit Mnuemonic Games's Facebook page. They have a "demo" of the game that works wonderfully on modern Windows (and also Android), even my Windows 10. However, it does start from the office, and it won't have the movie clips throughout. If you want the full game and still have the original disc for it, you can replace three files in the demo with the CD's version: resmap.000, ressci.000, resource.sfx. Don't forget to copy and paste the movie folder with all of the clips into the demo's folder, too! After that, it starts you from the very beginning. So far, I've gotten to the tunnels behind the library, and everything works flawlessly.

Best thing is that it's all totally free. You just need to make sure you copy and replace those important files.

bette byerly 5/16/2018
is there an update for Shivers? I have games one and two but can't play them on my windows 10.I really enjoyed the game but never got to the end.
Izzy 8/29/2014
I also played Shivers years ago and LOVED it! I would lov e to play it again, has there been an update for Windows 8?
KiiBa 4/22/2014
I really would like to play this game on Windows 7, because as i was a kid, i never was able to finish it, and i really want to play this game to end Please update it for win7 PLEEEEASE :D
jennifer 12/4/2013
i have both the original phantasmagoria and shivers. do you have updates so that i am able to run this on windows 7?
matias 3/14/2012
Hola soy de Argentina queria saber donde puedo comprar el juego shivers, y shivers 2... o si me pueden facilitar para poder bajarlos por internet. Muchas gracias!!!



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