Game Title:
Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer II
Release Date: xx-xx-1996
Release Number: 1
Series: Dynamix Simulations

Description: Silent Thunder is the sequel to A-10 Tank Killer, which was released 6 years earlier. It only simulates one aircraft - the Fairchild-Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II, a very powerful anti tank aircraft developed for the US Air Force in the 1970ies. The simulation of it is pretty accurate, 10 weapons are available and a lot of friendly and enemy aircrafts and ground vehicles. 24 missions can be flown.   (From Mobygames description)

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sysninja 7/11/2016

For everyone looking to get this game, go here to vote for it on

NoNurd 5/3/2015
I am with you 100 percent Leonard. Love the original but I now have Windows 8. Damn Bill Gates!
Leonard 4/21/2015

I have the original Sierra a10 tank game on cd for windows 95. I absolutely loved this game. Now looking to find it for windows 8.1.

I am not sure if it is available and if so what mode does it play in?

You'll need this special installer.
a link would have been helpfull
Ace 2/8/2012
Wow another year, in case if you all are still wondering, there is now an Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible version available for download on the Sierra website. Just google it up!
tony 1/4/2012
all I know is that the game is a 32 bit operating system, maybe this will help you out.
Koos 12/16/2011
Hello, how can I play A-10 Tank Killer 2 (Silent Thunder) with Windows XP? Tried several times, looked many times on internet for a solution, never found it.
wow, a decade has passed and still no response!
Francisco 12/1/2011
How to install the games SIERRA in windows XP?



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