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Open Discussion
Free range chat
12061597433/23/2015 12:22
Non-Sierra Games
Playing a non-Sierra game is like cheating on your spouse.  Confess here.
247350783/17/2015 22:05
Phantasmagoria Series
Including the Phantasmagoria museum topics
162414153/7/2015 14:11
Sierra History
All topics related to Sierra history:  The company, InterAction, archival projects, etc.
10571453003/2/2015 12:22
King's Quest Series
Including the King's Quest museum topics
8411074512/3/2015 21:54
Music / Soundtracks
103244021/29/2015 16:23
Other Sierra Games
Discussion about Sierra games without a dedicated forum.
82111078811/23/2014 10:52
You just joined.  Drop in here and let us know who you are.  Start a new thread with your name in the subject and tell us about yourself.
761388911/4/2014 00:09
Laura Bow Series
Including the Laura Bow museum topics
1093170710/19/2014 23:12
Gabriel Knight Series
Including Gabriel Knight museum topics
1802935110/14/2014 14:42
Leisure Suit Larry Series
Including LSL museum topics... and things ajax can't cure.
313416759/24/2014 11:15
Fan Fiction, Games & Art
397673249/23/2014 22:57
Ken Williams Q&A / Thanks Forum
Chat with Ken
20974790938/27/2014 08:33
Swap / Find Games
552614278/27/2014 01:42
Police Quest Series
Including the Police Quest museum topics
228514416/23/2013 09:10
Bugs / Tech Help
What does 640k conventional memory mean?
10411331583/15/2013 13:13
Quest for Glory Series
Including the Quest for Glory museum topics
2514483111/16/2012 18:59
Space Quest Series
Including the Space Quest museum topics
221336624/16/2012 14:58
SierraGamers Website
SierraGamers discussion: bug reports, link submissions, questions and announcements.
8741159642/7/2011 07:45