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Where does "Sierra" end?
In retooling Sierra Gamers I am taking another look at the historical Sierra Game list that has been circulating on the internet for several years.  It was originally based on a list put out shortly after the Sierra closure in 1999 and focused only on those games developed in Coarsegold.  From a purist perspective (and only focusing on that Sierra operation) the list was and is a great tool.

In reality, however, there were a lot of game releases in the 90s from the subsidiary operations that were as much Sierra games as any King's Quest game.  Rise of the Dragon, Lords of the Realm 2 and to some extent Nascar 2 were all solidly identified with Sierra even though they were developed by acquisition companies.  The Krondor series stands out as a real example - the first game by Dynamix, the last game by another studio and Betrayal in Antara using the engine were all Sierra games.  Return to Krondor has always been on the list, Betrayal at Krondor wasn't.

My point?

In adding content to Sierra Gamers I am going to be somewhat flexible (and probably unpredictable) on what I include when it comes to the late 90s games.  At the same time I'd love to hear what other readers and Sierra fans think.  What was Sierra?  What wasn't?  What do I do with Front Page Sports?  What do I do with the entire Hoyle series?



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