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The Fans Have Spoken 06/26/2010
And Activision has listened.  They have rescinded the cease & decist order recently placed upon Phoenix Online Studios, the team behind The Silver Lining, and the game is now scheduled for release!   Read all the details at the Studios' new website.

The first episode of this game will be freely available from the NEW Silver Lining website.  Head on over right now and check out the new trailer!  The game will be released on July 10.

The Silver Lining is a fan-made sequel to Roberta William's ground-breaking adventure series, King's Quest and has been in development by a team of volunteers for over 8 years. 
Its wonderful that Silver Lining developers/designers and all who worked on the game have been able to overcome all obstacles and got the go-ahead to release their Kings quest game. It took a long time but their persistence in bringing the game to the old Sierra KQ fans finally paid off. I loved the old Kings quest games and it will be great to see A Silver Lining. I'll be downloading it and will remember the old KQ games all over again. Thanks to all the people at Silver Lining who worked on bringing it to the public and for their hard work. It was not in vain. Thanks.
by Mary on Jun 28, 2010, 01:21 PM EST