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I think I know what it feels like to be a Mets fan 03/04/2010
In the latest move demonstrating the deep understanding game companies today have of their audience, Icarus Studios has decided to press ahead with the Sam Suede game.  Sam Suede was a highly anticipated game touted a few years ago as Al Lowe's triumphant return to gaming.  In the same sleazy way that the last two "Leisure Suit Larry games" were presented the new studio has left Al Lowe standing on the sidelines and is going to try to milk whatever buzz existed into a release of a game.  In college if you submit a paper you got off the internet that someone else wrote you are usually flunked for plagiarism.  In the gaming world you usually end up with a low budget release that consumers view with the same disdain that you obviously view them and the originator of the ideas with. 

Come on Icarus - do the right thing.  Go back and look at the increasing sales figures for every single Al Lowe game he ever made.  Each one sold more than the last - until some MBA grad decided they could cash in on the Leisure Suit Larry name without Al.  Then it took two moronic epic adventures to reach a $20 price point and almost zero sales.  Pick up the phone and call Al Lowe.  You will certainly sell at least one more copy of the game than you would otherwise and might just put one of the best game developers in history back to work in a way that would benefit you, the gamers and Al himself.  - Andy
I don't know about you Andy but the 'only' interest I ever had in the game was Al Lowe so if he's cut from the picture then I have no desire to play the game.

This is yet another slap in the face to Al, to Sierra, and to all Al's fans. It is embarassing to watch the game industry repeat the same mistakes.
by Scott on Mar 05, 2010, 01:45 PM EST