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Daventry Needs You! 02/23/2010
Why is Roberta Williams hailed as the Queen of Adventure Gaming and a Master Storyteller?  Find out this Thursday when Good Old Games ( releases King's Quest 4+5+6 for a mere $9.99!  Travel to Tamir as Rosella in KQIV, and find the magical fruit that can save the King of Daventry.  The journey is not an easy one though, danger lurks at every turn and if you can't recover the fairy Genesta's talisman you may never make it home.  KQIV was Sierra's first game to feature support for sound cards improved graphics thanks to the new SCI engine.

In King's Quest V, King Graham arrives home to find his castle and family have vanished into thin air.  Can you help Graham find who is responsible and save his family in time?  KQV was the first Sierra game to feature VGA graphics and voice over talent.

With the help of the Magic Mirror, Prince Alexander sets sail for the Land of the Green Isles to rescue his beloved Princess Cassima in King's Quest VI.  You may have to play this one a few times as two very different endings are possible!  Co-designed by Jane Jensen of the critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight series and featuring the smash single "Girl In The Tower" by Mark Seibert.

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