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Roberta Williams Anthology Manual 02/12/2010
For fans of Sierra history The Roberta Williams Anthology was a great resource.  Released in 1997 it contained all of Roberta's games to that point including Apple emulated versions of her Hi-Res adventures.  For many Sierra fans it was the first real exposure to the early history of Sierra.  In addition it was released in the days when a computer game was an event - not just another disposable cardboard box and a CD in a disposable white envelope.  The real gem of the package was the manual which included insights into the game development process, Roberta's thoughts on each of her games and back story of Sierra.  While some other books have focused on this material this is a great additional resource and it is now available on Sierra Gamers.  Download your copy today and enjoy your walk back through two eras in computer gaming history - the early history of Sierra talked about in the manual and the time when game companies still put something other than code in a box.  - Andy