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Talkspot Reunion 01/30/2010
In 1998, shortly after the closure of the Oakhurst office of Sierra On-Line, Ken Williams and other Sierra personalities sat down on the fledgling Talkspot radio network for a two hour Sierra On-Line reunion.  Originally a true multimedia presentation (audio, chat and pictures) the audio capture of the event has been preserved and is now offered for download on Sierra Gamers.  During the two hour session a multitude of subjects were covered from the true story behind Leisure Suit Larry 4, platypus plans for Space Quest 7 and the one caller who tried real hard to come up with just the right curse word when he found out he was on a seven second delay.  In what has become the essential after-action summation about the history of Sierra On-Line this virtual reunion provides an excellent insight into both the rich history and tragic end of the Sierra On-Line empire.  - Andy