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InterAction Friday 01/29/2010
Every Monday and Friday a new (or really old, depending on how you look at it) issue of InterAction goes up.  This Friday it's Volume 2, Number 1 from Spring of 1989.  Heavily focused on what was the biggest release year Sierra had seen to that point the magazine was focused on various aspects of the five (count them... FIVE) new 3-D animated adventures that were nearing release:  King's Quest IV, Police Quest 2, Leisure Suit Larry 2, Gold Rush! and Manhunter.  There was a "Making of King's Quest IV" article which included code examples along with no small amount of gloating about pirated copies of Leisure Suit Larry that had nearly brought about the end of the world.  Ok, it really only ate the Dutch Financial Industry's mainframes but that was close enough.  Check it out and keep coming back every Monday and Friday for a new issue of InterAction!  -Andy