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2006 VU Collection Repair 01/28/2010
A post in the forums today reminded me of something that deserved highlighting.  The GK release on GOG prompted some discussion of the half-hearted VU collections put out back in 2006 for the four major Sierra series's (King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry).  The implementation of that collection left a lot to be desired and Collector over at The Sierra Help Pages stepped into the void and created custom patches for each of the collections.  These patches do everything from correctly configuring the DOSBox framework on the games to replacing some flawed resource files included on the disc.  If you own the original AGI versions of the missing games in the collection (which was considered by many to be the biggest flaw in the collections) his patch will also help you integrate those original classics into the user launch interface.  The patches are located here.  The ongoing conversation about the new release of Gabriel Knight and the earlier collections is going on in our forums.  Drop in and let us know what you think!  - Andy
My patches do not use the launcher, but do provide Windows shortcuts, instead. If the user has Vista or Windows 7, the shortcuts will have high resolution icons. There were problems with the launcher which tied the games to an outdated version of DOSBox and did not easily allow for the extra shortcuts that the user will have after patching them. After applying the patch, the user will find a shortcut on their desktop that when opened will contain shortcuts to all of the games. The shortcuts can also be found in the Start Menu along with other useful things like a link to the the manual and an easy to use DOSBox configuration utility if the user wishes to change a few basic settings, like whether the game starts in a window or full screen.
by Collector on Jan 28, 2010, 09:06 PM EST