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Are You Ready For The Horror of Phantasmagoria? 08/13/2010
The famous horror game by legendary game designer Roberta Williams is on sale this weekend at Good Old Games for just $9.99.  One of the first games ever to use full motion video (FMV) technology, Phantasmagoria was Sierra's best-selling game of 1995 and originally came on 7 CDs.  Can you survive to the end?

The success of Phantasmagoria spurred a sequel, A Puzzle of Flesh, written and designed by Lorelei Shannon.  Darker, more twisted, more controversial, and more challenging that the first, do you have what it takes?  Find out for just $5.99.

Or get both games together for $11.18 at Good Old Games.  Both games come with digital documentation and high resolution wallpaper. 
Need some help on a small problem. How can you enlarge the display on Shivers to full screen. I am running it on a Dell with xp windows. Any suggestions? I can not find a set up option.
by Unknown on Feb 22, 2011, 02:44 PM EST
I've had classic Sierra games on my mind lately and have been watching "let's play" videos of my favorite games on YouTube. I find myself re-reading the history of Sierra online every few years and learned of only today. It's been so great to revisit memory lane as Sierra was an important part of my younger days. I'm thankful for the existence of Good Old Games and your alerting us to it. I can't wait to play those great games again! Keep up the great work on this site!
by Charles Ian Chun on Feb 12, 2011, 02:26 PM EST