Game Title: Lords of Magic
Release Date: 11-19-1997
Release Number: 1
Series: Impressions

Description:  Control one of eight different faiths, and fight or ally with the others, in your attempt to rid the world of the Death Lord Balkoth (or in case you're playing as Balkoth, fight to rid the world of those who want to rid the world of you).  The game combines turn-based strategy, resource management and real-time combat, in a richly detailed fantasy setting.  (From Mobygames description)

Roberta Williams, who designed Sierra's first game, Mystery House in 1980, felt it was time to write another murder mystery which lived up to the computer capabilities of the late eighties. Mystery House, which was put on public domain in 1988, was the first computer game ever with graphics, but it lacked colors, animation and sound. The Colonel's Bequest was developed, using EGA graphics, Sierra's SCI engine, sound and a music score, as well as featuring a deeper plot and more detailed character descriptions.

The game has a sequel, The Dagger of Amon Ra, which is also the last Laura Bow game. Both games are also included in the 1997 King's Quest Collection and the Roberta Williams Anthology. Although the original release of The Colonel's Bequest can still relatively easily be found on online auctions, a complete original game is considered as a true collector's item, as it contains many goodies which are often missing from second-hand sales, particularly the Laura Bow pen and notebook. The games copyright protection is also quite original: the gamer needs to use a magnifying glass (included in the box) to identify a fingerprint on the game screen.


mike 8/18/2017
wish I could get the damn thing to install again...just sits there and hangs
William Ray 2/25/2017
One of my favorite old school games. I wish there was a successor to it. Something that didn't try to reinvent what this game had, but just added to it.
jabby 10/16/2016
CK 6/26/2016

Thank you for archiving this wonderful game.

Back in the day I was just a young boy, I bought a bootleg version of Lords of Magic (the initial release version, not Special Edition). Though buggy, I had lots of fun with it. Sierra was a A-list game publisher. You can see the care and dedication they have for making their games.

You won't see games of such high caliber produced anymore: 

1) Dumbed down shallow gameplay (bad for a strategy game). The millennials generally have low patience and a short attention span.

2) Graphics-centric game development, neglecting gameplay, story, music (Keith Zizza did a fantastic job) and voice acting.

3) Corporate greed releasing an unfinished product and chopping up content with paid DLCs.

SWORD 7/6/2015
SWORD 7/6/2015
You can buy this game from Mantera's website for $5.
ToMMY 6/25/2015

hey guys,

you can buy this game on

love this game and it's still one of the best games ever :)

Mike 6/5/2015
I really love this retro game! I keep looking for it on Steam. Can you please post this game on Steam so I can purchase it and download the game there? I can also provide a good review if you could do that. I try to keep my games centralized - hence I love cloud computing. Thanks Ken and Roberta!
Daniel 5/15/2013
How do I get my Lords of Magic CD to play on my Windows 7?
The only living community of Lords Of Magic: - message board - facebook page Join! This game is awesome, it certainly made my childhood.
True masterpiece of a game.
Walker 7/20/2011
This game is amazing but the fact that Level 8 pegasi spawn in level 1 encounters for the Chaos faith is a huge let down. Basically makes it unplayable. Especially when they come in wandering mobs.
JP 4/14/2011
I love this game so much. It helped me and my brother through our teenage years. It''s a great escape from some of the problems we had. I believe the game made us smarter because it constantly challenged our minds. Now my brother and I are grown up adults living a successful life, him as an architect and I as a web developer. Thank you, Sierra!
Kris 12/13/2010
I loved this game as a child. Many, many happy memories! I still get it out every now and then and have a bash at it! Welcome to Lords of Magic!