Game Title: Lords of the Realm III
Release Date: 03-17-2004
Release Number: 1
Previous Game in Series: Lords of the Realm II
Series: Impressions

Description:  The third installment in the Lords of the Realm series is a medieval real time strategy game. You are one of the medieval kings of Europe, and are trying to conquer all your rivals.  In the management part of the game, the map is divided in to several regions, and each region in turn is divided into several parcels. One of these parcels is your castle, from which you govern the surrounding parcels. To each parcel you can assign one of your vassals, a knight, a cleric, a serf or a burger. Each vassal will provide you with a different bonus. But this is only the part you prepare for the real battles. When one of your armies face an enemy, you have the chance to command the armies yourself or let your knight do his job. Whatever you choose, the game time continues to advance, which makes your attention a very important commodity.  The battle, be it a skirmish or a castle siege, lets you command a wide verity of troops, from horseman to siege engines, while letting you experience the battle field in all its glory. The game uses classical real-time controls, so you will get used to commanding your armies in no time.   (From Mobygames description)

Roberta Williams, who designed Sierra's first game, Mystery House in 1980, felt it was time to write another murder mystery which lived up to the computer capabilities of the late eighties. Mystery House, which was put on public domain in 1988, was the first computer game ever with graphics, but it lacked colors, animation and sound. The Colonel's Bequest was developed, using EGA graphics, Sierra's SCI engine, sound and a music score, as well as featuring a deeper plot and more detailed character descriptions.

The game has a sequel, The Dagger of Amon Ra, which is also the last Laura Bow game. Both games are also included in the 1997 King's Quest Collection and the Roberta Williams Anthology. Although the original release of The Colonel's Bequest can still relatively easily be found on online auctions, a complete original game is considered as a true collector's item, as it contains many goodies which are often missing from second-hand sales, particularly the Laura Bow pen and notebook. The games copyright protection is also quite original: the gamer needs to use a magnifying glass (included in the box) to identify a fingerprint on the game screen.


darrell 2/26/2012
I should of kept looking before posting my last comment, I love sierra games and think you have a very nice sight
darrell 2/26/2012
It would be cool if your website provided links to purchase downloads of the games your provideing info for.
Arthur 5/15/2011
When I start the game Lords of the Realm 3, I receive a message, "Wrong disc inserted", what can I do to fix this problem?