Game Title:
The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
Release Date: xx-xx-1995
Release Number: 1
Series: Discovery

This game is the third in the Dr. Brain series. Solve logic, math, and other puzzling conundrums designed to stress your brain.  The game includes new puzzles, but you can play any one at any time, unlike previous versions, where you had to beat some puzzles before you could go to the next puzzle.   (From Mobygames description)

Alternate Releases:

Roberta Williams, who designed Sierra's first game, Mystery House in 1980, felt it was time to write another murder mystery which lived up to the computer capabilities of the late eighties. Mystery House, which was put on public domain in 1988, was the first computer game ever with graphics, but it lacked colors, animation and sound. The Colonel's Bequest was developed, using EGA graphics, Sierra's SCI engine, sound and a music score, as well as featuring a deeper plot and more detailed character descriptions.

The game has a sequel, The Dagger of Amon Ra, which is also the last Laura Bow game. Both games are also included in the 1997 King's Quest Collection and the Roberta Williams Anthology. Although the original release of The Colonel's Bequest can still relatively easily be found on online auctions, a complete original game is considered as a true collector's item, as it contains many goodies which are often missing from second-hand sales, particularly the Laura Bow pen and notebook. The games copyright protection is also quite original: the gamer needs to use a magnifying glass (included in the box) to identify a fingerprint on the game screen.


Lindsey Hudgins 11/1/2017
I just bought a copy of the CD-ROM, only to find out it won't work on my computer.  I really love this game and an app would really be awesome! 
April 5/22/2017
Brain games are hot right now and I have looked everywhere for an app of Lost Mind of Dr. Brain. Any plans? I use them for my patients with brain injuries and the old cd will not run on new platforms. 
Kirkpatrick Family 5/7/2017
Please bring back the Dr. Brain series of Games to play on PC or consoles. We really miss them!
Mark Spaapen 7/4/2015


First of all, let me compliment you with this fantastic game! I've played this game many times since the release with my daughter and it had , even though we're dutch, a very good effect on her thinking skills later on.

I've always wondered why there wasn't an update of dr. Brain, Microsoft changed their pc's so I couldn't play it anymore... Quite often I made an other effort retrieving possible versions of this game without any luck. :(

Is there any way I can download, purchase or even play this game online? It would mean a lot ot me!!!


Mark Spaapen


the Netherlands